Department of Mathematics,
Faculty of Physics, MSU

April 27, 2016. Report. Yu. A. Eremin: "Influence of the Nonlocal Effect on the Plasmonic Structures Scattering Properties"

Date of publication
04/27/2016 15:50

The report will be presented at 5:00 p.m. in the room 4-46.


In 70th of the last century it was found that metal nanoparticles demonstrates unusual scattering properties. It was a thought that their refractive index seems to be different from the indexes of indentical metal films. Israel scientist R. Ruppin was the first who elaborated theoretical foundations the Non-local Effect (NLE) for plasmonic nanoparticles. Today, in connection with the development nanoplasmonics and its widespread introduction in many fields of human life, accounting for the NLE for rigorous description plasmonic particle scattering properties seems to be very important. When the size of a plasmonic particle becomes less then free path of an electron a volume charge appears inside the particle. As a consequence the EM field ceases to be purely transversal and incorporation of the longitudinal term is required. Therefore the internal electric field representation supplies by additional term grad Ф, where Ф is the Helmholtz equation solution with the wave number differs from the wave number of the transversal field. The additional term requires an additional boundary condition which is formulated as continuity of the electric field normal components at the particle surface.

In the presentation the problem of light scattering by metal cylinder will be considered accounting for the NLE. Numerical modeling is performed based on the Discrete Sources Method. Comparative analysis of the scattering properties of the cylinders with and without of the NLE accounting for will be performed.

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