Кафедра математики
физического факультета МГУ


13th Annual Workshop on Numerical Methods for Problems with Layer Phenomena

A - The “Universitet” station of Moscow Metro

B - The building of Physics Faculty of MSU

C - Universitetskaya Hotel

Red label - The Second Humanities Building of MSU

Transfer from airport

If you arrive to Moscow through airport, for your transfer to the hotel you can use one of the following ways.

  • City buses or AeroExpress train to the metro station (depends on the airport). If your hotel is “Universitetskaya” - by metro to “Universitet” station and then by bus to the hotel (see the scheme below).
  • You can book a taxi to the airport. Prices for transfer from airport to the “Univrsitetskaya” hotel is 1500-1800 RUR (depends on the airport). We recommend to book taxi by MosTaxi company.

“Universitetskaya” hotel is located in the Western Administrative District of Moscow (this information may be needed for booking taxi).