Department of Mathematics,
Faculty of Physics, MSU

Tokmachev Michael Gennadievich

PhD in Physics and Mathematics, associate professor



Scientific interests of associate professor Tokmachev M.G. associated with the problems of mathematical modeling of physical chemistry processes.


Educational publications:

1. Galanin M.P., Tikhonov N.A., Tokmachev M.G. Mathematical modeling: theory and application. Moscow: LENAND, 2022 (600 pp.), ISBN 978-5-9710-9750-1.

2. Mukhartova Ju.V., Tokmachev M.G. Methods of mathematical physics. Materials of the seminars. MSU, Moscow, 2021 (330  pp.), ISBN 978-5-8279-0232-4. 


List of publishing:

1. Ferapontov N.B., Trobov Kh.T., Tokmachev M.G., Gagarin A.N., Strusovskaya N.L. Physicochemical and supramolecular properties of polymer gels. - Samarkand. Publishing house: Samarkand State University, 2020, 310 pp. ISBN 978-9943-4077-3-2.

2. Gagarin A.N., Tokmachev M.G., Trobov H.T. and N. B. Ferapontov Effect of ion hydration on the degree of swelling of a crosslinked polyvinyl alcohol gel // Russian journal of physical chemistry A, 2020, Vol. 94, No. 1, p.95–101.

3. Tokmachev M.G. and Tikhonov N.A. Simulation of capacitive deionization accounting the change of Stern layer thickness // Journal of mathematical Chemistry, 2019, Vol.57, No.10, p.2169-2181.

4. Babayan I.I., Tokmachev M.G., Ivanov A.V., Ferapontov N.B. Application of granules of crosslinked polyvinyl alcohol to determine the composition of solutions of mixtures of electrolytes // Journal of analytical chemistry, 2019, Vol. 74, No. 8, p. 834–838.



1. Tokmachev M.G., Ferapontov N.B., Ivanov A.V., Gagarin A.N., Agapov I.O. Method of determining composition of solution based on swelling kinetics of polymer gel therein // Invention patent RU 2 714 832 C1, Registration date: 19.02.2020.

2. Gagarin A.N., Ferapontov N.B., Tokmachev M.G. The device and the technique for measuring the swelling parameters of a polymer spherical pellet // Patent for invention No.2653086, Russian Federation, date of publishing 07.05.2018, Bulletin 13.