Department of Mathematics,
Faculty of Physics, MSU


Variable part disciplines of magistracy educational program on department of mathematics in the direction 03.04.02 "Physics"

1 semester
Required part:

  1. Differential inequality method in nonlinear problems
  2. Supplementary chapters of mathematical physics (nonlinear functional analysis)

2 special courses by choice:

  1. Special functions of mathematical physics
  2. Functional programming in the Python language
  3. Parallel Computations
  4. Modern tensor analysis
  5. Method and art of mathematical modeling


2 semester
Required part:

  1. Asymptotic methods in nonlinear problems of mathematical physics
  2. Application of spectral theory in mathematical physics
  3. Programming of scientific applications in the language  C++
  4. Abstract differential equations with applications in mathematical physics
  5. Extremal problems

1 special course by choice:

  1. Parallel programming
  2. Programming on videocards

1 special course by choice:

  1. Group analysis of differential equations
  2. Group theory


3 semester

  1. Catastrophe theory and its physical applications

  2. Category theory and its application in modern computer science, theoretical physics, and functional programming

  3. Stochastic differential equations

  4. Mathematical modeling of plasma – fundamentals of kinetics


4 semester

  1. Asymptotic methods of the theory of differential equations with rapidly oscillating solutions

  2. Magnetic activity cycle of the Sun and the equations with random coefficients

  3. Mathematical modeling of plasma – computer experiment

  4. Theory of destructions of nonlinear equations